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Custom Costumes

RGP specializes in extravagant custom costumes

Filipinos love to dress up for special events, United Nations Day, contests, parties, any reason to have fun or win some money. We love to help our clients create their fantasy costumes. Having the right costume can help you win a contest or make you a hit at a party.

Visit us here at Rent Gowns Philippines and Babes Bennett will find the perfect outfit to match your needs. If we don’t have it here in our store, she can custom make your costume for a very reasonable price. Alternatively, we can find it for you from our many sources saving you the trouble of going all around trying to find what you are looking for.

In addition to costumes, we can also do makeup to help bring your alter persona to life, or help you to look exceptionally terrifying for Halloween! We have many wigs and accessories to help create the look you are looking for. Find a picture on the internet of the outfit you are trying to match and send us the picture and we can tell you if we have it or if we can make it. Let your imagination run wild and look fabulous!

Contact us now and tell us what you are looking for!

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