Rental Policy

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    Affordable Rental Fee

    To rent a gown, costume or accessory is a very affordable alternative to purchasing.
    The Rental Fee ranges from 500 pesos upwards, depending on the item.

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    Affordable Deposit

    In addition to the rental fee, a deposit is required, which will be returned to you upon return of the item/s. The deposit is equal to the Rental Fee.

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    3 Day Return Policy

    We have a 3-day return policy. Understand that there are others who may wish to rent the same item and we might lose money if you haven’t returned it.

Returns and Deposit
If the item is returned late, or is damaged, it is our discretion whether we keep your deposit, part of it or return the whole amount. If you are having trouble getting the item back in time, you can call us and let us know when it will be returned.
We also require that you sign a receipt with your name and contact info.