Rent Gowns Philippines 

 Rental Policy

Rules for Renting:

Gowns and costumes or other items are for rent from 1 to 3 days’ time unless a special arrangement is made.

If you exceeded the time limit, there will be an additional fee of Php 300 per day. We have to do this because there may be someone else who needs to rent it.

Any damages should be repaired, client to handle all expenses. If the damage is too much, the item shall be sold to the client and will strictly pay the “FOR SALE” price.

Deposit Required:
We require a deposit between Php 500 and Php 1000 depending on the item you are renting. This is necessary as it is not uncommon for some people never to return the item.

Your Cash Deposit will be given back once the item is returned minus any late fees or damage fees.

Please understand the gowns and costumes we rent are handmade taking hours of work and are more valuable than the small rental fee we charge. If someone does not return them, we lose a lot.

How much do we charge?

The average gown or costume can range from Php 900 to 1500. You will find this as very reasonable for the quality of the gowns and costumes we offer!

Most often we don’t have any problems with getting items back or customers having to pay late or damage fees. Not something we like to do but we have to protect our business or we will be out of business!

We will ask for your name, phone number and address before renting any items.

If you have questions, please contact us. We look forward to serving you! 

Thanks You!

Babes Bennett

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