Babes Bennett 67 years young

Do you believe Babes is 67?

Here at Rent Gowns Philippines, we don’t just rent gowns and costumes, we also provide an array of services to help you Be More Beautiful. These services are the natural outcome of Babes Bennett’s dedication to beauty and fashion throughout her 67 years.

Let her help you maintain your beauty and with services that improve looks and others that are just helpful.

Our services include:

Hair Extension – instead of a wig, get a brand new look with a new permanent hair extension.

Talent Coach – If you or your child are entering a talent or costume competition you can use the expert advice and instruction from Babes, a veteran of many contests who knows what to do to increase your chance of winning!

Ball Room/Belly DanceLearn the basic dance steps for Ball Room dance and get a beautiful gown to show off your new talent! Learn how to do Belly Dancing complete with custom made outfits by Babes!

Beauty/Cosmetic Surgery Consultant – Let Babes advise you on all the things available to enhance your beauty from makeup to cosmetic surgery including breast or hip enlargement, tummy tucks and more.

Cosmetic Services – At the time, you wish to move forward with any of the consultancy recommendations we can provide:

  • Makeup service for one or a group, and makeup workshops.
  • Our resident expert can provide:
    • Botox Injections – to improve and relax frown lines.
    • Eye Bag Removal
    • Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo

Shopping ServiceDo you need a particular item and you can’t find it? Such as some special article of clothing or other item? We have many sources for the products we offer and can find just what you are looking for through the same channels. Just contact us here and make a request or visit us at our store in Mandaluyong.

Other Services:

Graphic Design / T-Shirt Printing – At Rent Gowns Philippines we also have graphic design and printing resources for T-Shirts and even cups, plates and other items through Babes son and asawa.

Website Design Service – Like this website? Would you like one also to promote your business? We also offer website design. This site was designed and created by Babes asawa Dave Bennett; we can do the same for you.